Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor As a hub for aspiring artists of every variety, the School of Creative and Performing Arts cultivates a unique atmosphere throughout its connecting buildings. CAPA’s dynamic beams with electricity. Music notes soar throughout the building as musicians often practice in crooks of every cornerContinue Reading

Finnley Plaster Circulation Manager Since early January, the coronavirus has been making headlines worldwide. It seems to be the news story that doesn’t stop giving, whether it’s what country or state has the latest reported case or how much money companies are losing because of it. I think that asContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Music has the unique ability to give off a sense of timeliness while still amplifying and representing the time of its release. Inspired by those golden oldies that paved the way for today’s music, these picks of the week are a look back atContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor  Northwestern State University is hosting a student art exhibition that will represent multiple universities in the University of Louisiana System. The exhibition opens in Orville J. Hanchey Gallery on Monday and ends on April 3.  Work from McNeese State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, UniversityContinue Reading

Thomas CellesViewpoints Editor Samantha Clark Editor-in-Chief On Thursday, students’ classes were disrupted by visitors from Martyrs Memorial Christian Fellowship in Coushatta, Louisiana preaching on Kyser Brickway. The church’s pastor and five other members arrived on Kyser Brickway around noon. They brought two large signs adorned with Bible verses and aContinue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor Four bikes. One stolen. Two broken. One currently out of commission. This is the life of Tanner Terrel, a sophomore who’s lived at The Quad his entire college career with no vehicle. He walks and gets the occasional ride from a friend. This doesn’t meanContinue Reading

Mary GaffneyFashion Columnist Mardi Gras is right around the float — I mean corner — and I’m ready to party so I can feel all the Catholic guilt about it later. When it comes to my Mardi Gras fashion advice, my past experiences lack in inspiration. My past Mardi GrasContinue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor In recent years anime has gone from an obscure past time to a vibrant community with incredible influence. Its range and scope in genre as well as widespread audience have even caused Netflix to get on board and fund original productions to their subscribers’ delight.Continue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor A little over a week after winning the title of Miss Black and Gold Louisiana, Lydia Johnson sits in Café DeMon, blueberry scone in hand and ready to lock herself in one of the group study rooms of the library to finish up schoolwork. AsContinue Reading

Luka Fagundes NSU student Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the mechanic after driving in Natchitoches. This town is known for many things. We are the home of Steel Magnolias, Natchitoches meat pies, the Christmas festival to end all Christmas celebrations and most importantly, roads thatContinue Reading