Ali Robichaux Contributing Writer   The Spirit of Northwestern, known as the best sounding band in the land, acquired a record-breaking 342 members for the 2019-2020 season. With so many students in the program, there are difficult and rewarding facets.  Some challenges include watching over a multitude of students, controllingContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter   This year, NSU implemented IncludED, a textbook program designed to save students money and increase student success in the classroom by making the required materials available on day one. Dr. Greg Handel, the provost and vice president of academic & student affairs, said that NSU isContinue Reading

Mekayla Jenkins Photo Editor   NSU’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success began in 2018, and an email offering students an invitation of membership is legitimate. During the summer, some students received invitations to join The National Society of Leadership and Success. Although the National Society ofContinue Reading

John Lee Hurt Contributing Writer The Disney corporation recently made news again but not for buying out yet another company. The Disney heiress Abigail Disney called out the Disney CEO for how much he makes per year. Leaving many to question how happy of a place it really is. InContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard. Ishmael Lane has been involved in basketball since he first started at Northwestern four years ago, and has since created a career as a star basketball player. “Three words I would say describe him as a person would be a fine young man, a dedicated young man,Continue Reading

By John Lee Hurt. It’s no secret the next Louisiana governor election is coming up. It’s everywhere. So far there’s only a small pool of candidates running, and one of them is Gov. John Bel Edwards. When Gov. Edwards originally campaigned for office, he spoke out on Bobby Jindal’s payContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard. Professor Dr. Gan Guly and Professor Michael Antoon are working alongside students in the Environmental Catalyst Organization and JOVE research to create a remodeled laboratory. One of the new assets is going to be that it will be powered by photovoltaic solar panels. The solar panels wereContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard. The President’s Leadership Program is a freshman-based program that is described as being an immersive leadership course dedicated to future and emerging leaders at Northwestern State University. It can be taken in the place of the University Experience course required by all undergraduate degrees. Chosen by demonstratingContinue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. A community leader, father, husband and teacher of growth just recently passed and it took a devastating toll on an entire community. Rapper Ermias Asghedom, or better known as Nipsey Hussle, was shot and killed in front of his store, The Marathon Clothing, in Los Angeles, CaliforniaContinue Reading

By Leron Massey. “Losing is essential to anyone’s success. The more you lose, the more you want to win.” -Brett Hull June III. The Northwestern State University demon’s baseball crew went head to head against the Louisiana State University Tigers in the 2018 D1 Baseball championship. After losing in theContinue Reading