Thomas Celles Reporter   Kelly Krouse has worked for the Northwestern State Alumni Association since 2002 and comes to work every morning hoping she can make an impact on someone’s life.  As the Associate Director for Advancement, she handles many of the administrative tasks for the NSU Foundation and helpsContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor   On Sunday morning nearing 10 a.m., the movie theater parking lot sits cluttered with cars where there should be complete vacancy. The door swings open to reveal Pastor Stephen Nelson offering a smile, a donut and direction to theater 2. With no movieContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist   Wait, it’s actually cold outside? I never saw that coming, and no matter how much my Pinterest board was preparing, I’m not ready for the real chill to come in. Am I happy about it? Yeah, I love the cold. Is my closet okay withContinue Reading

Hey Vic! College is going good so far, but I’m busy all the time. I’m doing schoolwork, studying and getting involved on campus. How do I manage my personal relationships while staying on top of my schoolwork and involvement?   While getting involved and making good grades are important, soContinue Reading

LiZhang Matuschka Catholic Student Organization President NSU Student   I love how in the Catholic faith we are all a big family. We have the saints that pray for us, and they are great examples of what holiness looks like. God has angels that watch over us and protect usContinue Reading

Patricia Reed Baptist Collegiate Ministry President NSU Student   Religion. When I used to hear or see this word, I thought the wrath of God, you do good deeds and you go to heaven and if you do bad deeds then you go to hell. This was my viewpoint onContinue Reading

Everyone deserves respect regardless of their beliefs Religion, just like art, is a form of expression. Religion plays a core role in who we are growing up and who we will become in the future. College students need religion, or they at least need something to believe in. The EditorialContinue Reading

Albert Hewitt Contributing Writer   The Demons returned to Turpin Stadium Saturday to take on the University of Central Arkansas. The Bears stepped into an environment that most teams fear as many Demon fans filled the seats for the annual homecoming game. The Demons started the game on offense andContinue Reading

Albert Hewitt Contributing Writer   The Demons traveled down to Thibodaux this past Saturday to take on the Nicholls State University Colonels. The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks are the official rivals for Northwestern State University, but the Colonels are a close second. This matchup is commonly known as the battleContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor In modern society, it is almost common for a man to have a double personality. He interacts with his fellow men one way then completely changes his persona when speaking to women. A prime example of this is the phenomenon of slut-shaming. AContinue Reading