Over the past month, I’ve seen reviews both praising and condemning the new “Star Wars” film. It’s not just the critics that are torn either. Depending on who you ask, “The Last Jedi” is either a complete waste of time or the best “Star Wars” to date.Continue Reading

Even in death, Rose Long continues to impact Northwestern State University students’ lives through a scholarship in her honor. Louisiana Sen. Gerald Long established the Rose Landry Long Scholarship for first generation college students.Continue Reading

In 2010, Marvel showed the world what a Superhero movie could be with the release of The Avengers. It had the action and adventure of each film before it, but added something more with a layer of humor that made the heroes ironically relatable. Fast forward to 2017, and that is what I was expecting out of Thor: Ragnarok. Boy, was I wrong.Continue Reading