By Jasmine Frazier. There aren’t too many people in this world that you meet like Daeshon Gordon. She touched so many people without even knowing. A lot of people know Dae to be the most amazing athlete! She was like a freak of nature. Any event you needed her toContinue Reading

By Chase Slater. On the outside, my life looks the same as everyone else’s, but I feel completely different on the inside. My brain always seems to be going 100 mph and I cannot seem to stop. I get distracted easily. I have trouble starting tasks, and even when IContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard. Performing in the Spirit of Northwestern is a privilege of mine, and an amazing experience. The Demon Heat Color Guard is an organization that I have dreamed about being a part of since my sophomore year of high school, when I first saw them perform at oneContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard Whether longtime athlete or just in it for the fun, Northwestern State University’s intramurals are something for everyone to get involved in. “It’s literally for everyone, it’s just something fun that you can do with your people, but you’re not a professional,” says sophomore Brette Reaux, theContinue Reading

By Kierstin Richter “Oh, I’m sorry!” Blondie tripped over me. Again. She waved around her phone, trying to get a decent video of the party around us, but practically tripped over me every time she turned around. Partially tequila. Mostly the fact she had tunnel vision on her little iPhoneContinue Reading

By Serena Bonnette Let me start out by saying that I am a Catholic woman, who is very strong in her faith. Yet I am also liberal in my beliefs concerning many social discussions. I know, we are very few and far between and sometimes I honestly feel like IContinue Reading

By Blake Blanchard Alumni Plaza sits between A.A. Frederick’s Auditorium and the Annex. Both of those buildings make up Northwestern State’s Creative and Performing Arts department, which boasts some of the most talented students and faculty in the state. For the students who call themselves a part of CAPA, goingContinue Reading

By Trinity Velazquez. Ben Zahn, the Republican mayor of Kenner, screwed up big-time. I am just going to say it: this was a terrible idea. Banning Nike products from Kenner’s recreational centers while claiming to protect city taxpayers from promoting Nike’s “political agenda” is hardly believable. He succumbed to hisContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard On Thursday, Sept. 27, at 7:30 p.m. the four choirs featured at Northwestern State University will unite under one roof and offer a hint of what’s to come this year. Starting only last year, the Choral Preview that will be featured in the Magale Recital Hall isContinue Reading

By Madison Farquar Football, barbeque and beer: three American traditions. Which is exactly what one would find outside Northwestern State University’s Turpin Stadium on Sept. 8, the day of the school’s season opener against Grambling. As soon as you pass through the Prather Coliseum parking lot and into Pitchfork Pass,Continue Reading