Mary Gaffney  Fashion Columnist  Wearing purple with pride is a right that all members of Northwestern State University get to have. Demons wear purple on Fridays. It’s that simple. Showing pride in our school is a great way to also throw in some color into your wardrobe by wearing purple withContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   Trinity Velazquez  Editor in Chief  Northwestern State University’’ s Dear Sschool of Creative and Performing Arts Department of Theater and Dance has cancelled the spring musical, “Working: The Musical,” after theater students of color expressed concerns about equal opportunity in casting of the department’s productions.  On Monday, April 19, a notice was posted onContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney  Fashion Columnist  With fashion, media and consumption, there is something that has been pushed on women known as the male gaze. You, my dear reader, have definitely been a consumer of the male gaze at one point of your life or another. You have also probably been buying your clothes withContinue Reading

Krista Hanson   Viewpoints Editor    Shari Wilson is a double major at Northwestern State University in English with a concentration in film studies and theater with a concentration in performance and directing. NSU was one of Wilson’s top choices when deciding her plans after high school.    Wilson began as a theater major but alwaysContinue Reading

Timothy Holdiness  News Editor   The Department of Criminal Justice, History and Social Sciences at Northwestern State University has had Sharon Green on staff as an associate professor since 2009.  Green is currently the Chief Deputy Coroner for Vernon parish.   “Those real-world experiences she continues to have allow her to keep what she talks about currentContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   Peter Gorham sits in a rocking chair on the porch of Varnado Hall. He has just returned from the Varnado Field Day and looks tired.  Gorham is a freshman graphic design major, and so far, thoroughly enjoys being a part of the Department of Fine and Graphic Arts.  “I loveContinue Reading

Mary Fletcher  Reporter  Northwestern State University’s students have no shortage of theatrical talent, both onstage and off. For example, Trevor Molitor, a senior theater major in the Louisiana Scholars College, has chosen to direct a reading of “The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley” by Shawn Hutchinson for his thesis project. He expects to defendContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   UPDATE: April 21, 2021 “Working” has been canceled Northwestern State University’s School of Creative and Performing Arts theater department is has decided to cancel the musical “Working” that was set to hit the Fine Arts Auditorium in the A.A. Fredericks Arts Center today.   According to Department Head of Theatre and Dance,Continue Reading

Mary Gaffney   Fashion Columnist   Spring trends are rolling in and, demons, I’m looking forward to the bright colors and funky prints that will be heading out on the runways, right into stores, online, Walmart or even Goodwill Industries. With trends coming back from almost every decade, on-style clothes will be easy to find thisContinue Reading

Kendall Caple    Reporter    Northwestern State University is set to host Hotter ‘N Hell, a collegiate art exhibition that features any form of art that uses fire or heat during the creative process.   The exhibition’s name, Hotter ‘N Hell, was inspired by NSU mascot, Vic the Demon, paired with the hottest months of theContinue Reading