Christamas Gala, for most students, means a lot of on-campus traffic, and a couple people missing in their classes. For CAPA students, it’s a performance opportunity on the collegiate level that is most comparable to professional work. We perform nine shows in three days and have taken the show toContinue Reading

Adaptations for Japanese properties to live action hasn’t fared well in the past. People like to point out failures such as “Dragon Ball Evolution,” “Ghost in the Shell” or Netflix’s “Death Note” as examples of why live action movies based on popular shows don’t work. Recently Netflix distributed another oneContinue Reading

“Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead” is an absurdist production that examines the world of art versus the world of reality. The show is based off Shakespeare’s Hamlet with the side characters of the original show, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern, as the leads. Pia Wyatt, who directed the show and was nominatedContinue Reading

Magee’s Patio Café, located across the street from campus, is a restaurant I used to visit often. Is it a restaurant designed for tourists and prospective students, or is this a restaurant that the student body should be frequenting more often? The combination of the inside and outside picnic benchContinue Reading

Like all of the other brave souls that went to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Sunday, I was filled with antici…pation. The play, put on by the Student Theatre Organization, was one of the most comically risqué performances I’ve ever seen. Those familiar with “Rocky Horror” will understandContinue Reading

When Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3” came out in 2007, I remember being excited to go see it. One of the main villains, Venom, was portrayed by Topher Grace. After watching the film, I was disappointed by his portrayal. After so many years, Venom gets another chance at the big screenContinue Reading

This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Northwestern State. “We are very excited to celebrate 30 years of bringing artistic endeavors to the university campus and the Natchitoches community,” said Dean Greg A. Handel, director of CAPA. He added that aContinue Reading

By Kathleen Hilliard. Performing in the Spirit of Northwestern is a privilege of mine, and an amazing experience. The Demon Heat Color Guard is an organization that I have dreamed about being a part of since my sophomore year of high school, when I first saw them perform at oneContinue Reading

By Kierstin Richter “Oh, I’m sorry!” Blondie tripped over me. Again. She waved around her phone, trying to get a decent video of the party around us, but practically tripped over me every time she turned around. Partially tequila. Mostly the fact she had tunnel vision on her little iPhoneContinue Reading

By Blake Blanchard Alumni Plaza sits between A.A. Frederick’s Auditorium and the Annex. Both of those buildings make up Northwestern State’s Creative and Performing Arts department, which boasts some of the most talented students and faculty in the state. For the students who call themselves a part of CAPA, goingContinue Reading