Students and patrons hoping to attend the 2019 Christmas Gala in the A.A. Fredericks auditorium will have to wait a year before they can see the event in the historic theatre.  NSU’s School of Creative and Performing Arts has begun to update the theatre after a year of planning and negotiations. TheContinue Reading

Briana Corley Arts and Living Editor   New students of theater and dance will step across the Magale Recital Hall stage as they make their NSU stage debut in New Faces starting at 6 p.m. on Sept. 10. The concept of the annual event, which is free and open toContinue Reading

Melody Gilbert started her career as a broadcast journalist, but she decided to leave broadcast for good to teach. She doesn’t really know how it happened, but she’s now been teaching for over 20 years. “Someone invited me to come speak to their class,” Gilbert said. “Then I went fromContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Northwestern State University’s Wind Symphony was one of the seven bands selected to perform at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles conference in Buñol, Spain July 10-13. This conference is an annual event where prestigious bands throughout the globe are selected to representContinue Reading

Ali Robichaux Contributing Writer   The Spirit of Northwestern, known as the best sounding band in the land, acquired a record-breaking 342 members for the 2019-2020 season. With so many students in the program, there are difficult and rewarding facets.  Some challenges include watching over a multitude of students, controllingContinue Reading

Remakes tend to be a hit or miss in the entertainment world. While movie remakes tend to try and hit the same story beats as the former title, video game remakes also must take into consideration in how players will react to changes in how the title plays. Recently, CapcomContinue Reading

NSU’s production of “The Cat in the Hat” wasn’t what I expected, but due to great direction, expressive actors and well-done choreography, it made me have a smile on my face from beginning to end. The show itself is based off of the Dr. Seuss book of the same nameContinue Reading

DreamWorks has always been hit or miss with their sequels. While some of them build on what was previously established like Shrek 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2, others fair not as well especially when the third movie rolls around. However, with the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, DreamWorks’Continue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. All year long we get a chance to reflect on history and the things that shaped the country. For one month out of the year, Black culture is emphasized to its fullest, allowing so many African- Americans to be recognized for their work. Clementine Hunter, a self-taughtContinue Reading