Mary Gaffney Contributing Writer   Remember when you imagined what college would be like? Did you imagine it would be full of friends that shared the same passion, good food, long nights and amazing stores? Well, I have found everything but the last one, so revamping my closet can beContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor   Tonight, inside the confines of Theater West, a story credited for providing the basis for theater will make its debut. Based on a true story, “Our Country’s Good” follows the tale of the first English colony in Australia. A colony of thieves comprisedContinue Reading

Over the next month, meet your student media leaders will be a recurring feature section highlighting the editors and general manager of NSU’s media outlets.   Megan Palmer is a senior and second-year editor in chief of NSU’s official yearbook, the Potpourri. When she first joined the Potpourri in fallContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Contributing Writer   It’s September, yet I’m already feeling those fall vibes in this heat. To avoid a heat stroke while chugging those pumpkin spice lattes and waiting for candy corn to be an acceptable food group, I deal with my fall crisis of what to wear. It’sContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor   Aside from tailgating and the big game, what exactly is there to do in Natchitoches on the weekend? Have no fear. Natchitoches has much more to provide than bright Christmas lights and purple pride.   Natchitoches Skating Rink Located on Keyser Ave., theContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor   In the emptied hallways of Kyser, JaKayla Lee stands outside the Students Services Office, rushed between signing paper-work, attending meetings and working jobs, always, always running. “I feel like I have more to prove,” Lee said. As a first-generation student entering her final year of NSU,Continue Reading

Dr. Dominique Taylor loves being at NSU is because it reminds him of home. “I love the area, and I found that here people come together to work together to build something that is bigger than themselves,” Taylor said. “That was true down in South Texas. It’s part of theContinue Reading

Hey Vic! Prior to coming to NSU this semester, I’ve never shared a room with ANYONE. Do you have any tips on how to get used to having a roommate and dealing with conflict?   Here are a few tips that should help with the process of adjusting to havingContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter   From provost to adjunct, the faculty of NSU and other universities have a variety of titles that define their role and seniority. With so many different titles, it can sometimes be difficult for students to understand what each one means. At Northwestern State, the provost isContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Contributing Writer   Do you have nothing to wear for Purple Pridays besides a crumpled up NSU shirt you got your freshman year? Do you struggle to put together outfits that boost your confidence with every step? Well, look no further because we have the solution you need!Continue Reading