Lora Leigh Luquet Reporter A play with a simple set up and a cast of four, “Doubt: A Parable” has a major underlying message that speaks for itself: Is it safer to be ignorant or to pursue your gut feeling and dig up the truth, no matter how ugly? SetContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Let’s check out what’s happening to the fashion world of Natchitoches! Natchitoches is no stranger to boutiques, with those little shops etched into our streets becoming overlooked, but Lou Lou’s Boutique is here to stand out. Lou Lou’s Boutique opened on March 2 at 242 KeyserContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor The recent surge in registration fees at NSU has brought forward a resurgence in understanding the cost of higher education, especially in Louisiana. With constant dread surrounding funding for TOPS and beyond, higher education is a balancing act with an ever-echoing question which touchesContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Y’all, I can’t tell you how excited I was for actual spring weather. My heart was soaring like a little hummingbird off to find nectar until everything came crashing down with the thunder and lightning. I’m still feeling the spring time vibes, so I will notContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Spring is on the horizon and to me that means pastels, florals and a lots of candy. I’ve been trying to venture into dressing in colors that aren’t muted tans, whites or blacks because I have been on a classic kick for a long time. DressingContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor As a hub for aspiring artists of every variety, the School of Creative and Performing Arts cultivates a unique atmosphere throughout its connecting buildings. CAPA’s dynamic beams with electricity. Music notes soar throughout the building as musicians often practice in crooks of every cornerContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor  Northwestern State University is hosting a student art exhibition that will represent multiple universities in the University of Louisiana System. The exhibition opens in Orville J. Hanchey Gallery on Monday and ends on April 3.  Work from McNeese State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, UniversityContinue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor Four bikes. One stolen. Two broken. One currently out of commission. This is the life of Tanner Terrel, a sophomore who’s lived at The Quad his entire college career with no vehicle. He walks and gets the occasional ride from a friend. This doesn’t meanContinue Reading

Mary GaffneyFashion Columnist Mardi Gras is right around the float — I mean corner — and I’m ready to party so I can feel all the Catholic guilt about it later. When it comes to my Mardi Gras fashion advice, my past experiences lack in inspiration. My past Mardi GrasContinue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor In recent years anime has gone from an obscure past time to a vibrant community with incredible influence. Its range and scope in genre as well as widespread audience have even caused Netflix to get on board and fund original productions to their subscribers’ delight.Continue Reading