Finnley PlasterCirculation Manager Jamie Flanagan is a fun-loving person who loves singing, playing games, spending time with family and traveling, but she also knows when it’s time to be serious too.   “When it’s time to care of business, I’m gonna take care of business” she said. Flanagan is the assistant director of TRiO StudentContinue Reading

Growing up in the 1960s, Denise Patrick knew she wanted a career in writing. The Natchitoches native graduated from Northwestern State University in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. She left for New York City right away. “I knew from the beginning to even get my foot in theContinue Reading

Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor Emilija Dancetovic, a business administration senior, remembers moving from her home country to Natchitoches as a blur, something that happened too fast. “I was lost,” Dancetovic said. “I didn’t know what to expect.” People from around the world come to Natchitoches to study at NorthwesternContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and I could not be more excited. The rose hues and pink vibes are romantic and fun, even if you’re just hanging with friends or family for this special day of love that the candy companies created to force us intoContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Debuting Feb. 12 at the Fine Arts Auditorium in the A.A. Fredericks Arts Center, the dance-focused “Moving Through Time” aims to entertain and provoke. “Moving Through Time” will explore time in all capacities – spending it, wasting it and never getting it back. DancersContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney  Fashion Columnist  Look, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve laid in bed, not wanting to move or think, much less go to class in a cute outfit. The idea of throwing on leggings, an oversized shirt and sneakers enters my mind, but I stop. GettingContinue Reading

Brianna Corley  Arts and Living Editor Drawing class sessions featuring live, nude models are set to return to the art department. Corbin Covher, assistant professor of sculpture and foundations, brought back the class and will be the instructor when it is offered in fall 2020. He said the program hadContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Last year was a strange one for fashion. It reunited us with our roots, emo or not. VSCO girls and E-girls might be a thing of the past, but 2020 has a lot to offer us when it comes to fashion. Let’s focus on the classics:Continue Reading

Ruben E. Smith Contributing Writer Northwestern State University students can live, work and study in other countries through the university’s International Student Resource Center and Study Abroad department. Victoria Roderick, a senior criminal justice major, went to the University of Angers in France last spring. “Having the opportunity to goContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist The new year has started, and everything is on fire. It begs the question: How can I help save the world one piece of clothing at a time? The answer is simple, but it also can be expensive and take a longer time than just browsingContinue Reading