Coronavirus is overhyped in the media Lauren Briscoe NSU Student In today’s society, the power of the media is undeniable. Many take what is found in the media to be true, despite very little research. One of the newest issues taking the media by storm is the coronavirus. Since theContinue Reading

New Orleans isn’t the only place to celebrate Mardi Gras Brianna CorleyArts and Living Editor The bright beads and sticky streets make for invigorating atmosphere hard not to get lost in when celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana but is the “Big Easy” really the only, all-encompassing way toContinue Reading

In December, President Donald Trump signed a law that raises the age to buy tobacco products to 21. The law also applies to electronic cigarettes. Smoking puts everyone at risk Keator Poleman Digital Editor If you pay any attention to the news, you’ll notice how the smoking age gets broughtContinue Reading

PRO Sara LeDuff NSU Student  Should you give your best efforts during the ‘talking stage’ of a relationship? Heartbreak is inevitable. Anything can break your heart. We all experience death, loss and grief. The talking stage of a relationship can either end with a new relationship of heartbreak. You eitherContinue Reading

Pro Brianna Fife Visual Editor   I believe ghosts are real. I have had numerous experiences with the supernatural and being a religious woman, I believe they are around us. There are so many things on this earth that we haven’t discovered. Who are we to say that ghosts don’tContinue Reading

CON: Elaine Eaton Instructor, Theodore Harris Endowed Professor of Rhetoric & Debate Department of New Media, Journalism, and Communication Arts   While I know it’s impossible to keep cell phones out of the classroom, I do my best to encourage students to “button up or zip up” their phones soContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter   NSU property, similar to other state facilities, is a tobacco-free zone. The policy, as it is today, went into effect on April 1, 2014. The ban currently encompasses all kinds of smoke producing products as well as one odd inclusion: e-cigarettes and vapes. Cigarettes, pipes andContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter   Other than graduating, Greek life is probably the best thing you can do in college. Don’t believe me? It comes down to statistics. Ignoring the lifelong bonds of brother/sisterhood, the amazing experiences, and the leadership opportunities that come from being Greek, the benefits boil down toContinue Reading