Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor “I really wasn’t expecting to be (general) manager,” Player said. “Through all the semesters that I was with KNWD, I wasn’t expecting it.” Player has been with KNWD since her freshman year, starting as an unpaid intern. When she first came to NSU, she was aContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor Lots of students may only know Christian as the guy who takes RSO photos, but anyone in new media knows that he is so much more than the man behind the camera. Christian Boudreaux is a senior communications major concentrating in broadcast and digital media whileContinue Reading

Dr. Kristine Coreil is a Professor of Music and has been with Demon family for 25 years. She mostly plays the French horn. Coreil is the sixth kid out of seven and is from in a small town called Jackson, Louisiana. “My older sisters and brothers were all in theContinue Reading

Mekayla Jenkins Photo Editor   On Sept. 27, eight women competed for the honorable title of Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet. As Jourdan Waddell took her final bow as Miss LOB, she crowned NSU’s new Miss LOB, Madeline Grace Hensley. Hensley is a sophomore health and exercise science major.Continue Reading

Over the next month, meet your student media leaders will be a recurring feature section highlighting the editors and general manager of NSU’s media outlets.   Megan Palmer is a senior and second-year editor in chief of NSU’s official yearbook, the Potpourri. When she first joined the Potpourri in fallContinue Reading

Dr. Dominique Taylor loves being at NSU is because it reminds him of home. “I love the area, and I found that here people come together to work together to build something that is bigger than themselves,” Taylor said. “That was true down in South Texas. It’s part of theContinue Reading

Melody Gilbert started her career as a broadcast journalist, but she decided to leave broadcast for good to teach. She doesn’t really know how it happened, but she’s now been teaching for over 20 years. “Someone invited me to come speak to their class,” Gilbert said. “Then I went fromContinue Reading

Established in 1714, the City of Natchitoches has developed from the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase to a regional cultural hotspot. An important town for agriculture in its formative years, Natchitoches suffered a steady decline in growth and agricultural production through the 20th century. Starting in the mid-1970s, aContinue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. All year long we get a chance to reflect on history and the things that shaped the country. For one month out of the year, Black culture is emphasized to its fullest, allowing so many African- Americans to be recognized for their work. Clementine Hunter, a self-taughtContinue Reading

Alphonse Engram is a sophomore in the brand-new dance B.F.A. program. Not only is he starring in the spring production of “Cat in the Hat,” he will also be featured in two Senior Dance Concert pieces, an ACDA piece and is also a member of the Demon Dazzlers. How doesContinue Reading