Established in 1714, the City of Natchitoches has developed from the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase to a regional cultural hotspot. An important town for agriculture in its formative years, Natchitoches suffered a steady decline in growth and agricultural production through the 20th century. Starting in the mid-1970s, aContinue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. All year long we get a chance to reflect on history and the things that shaped the country. For one month out of the year, Black culture is emphasized to its fullest, allowing so many African- Americans to be recognized for their work. Clementine Hunter, a self-taughtContinue Reading

Alphonse Engram is a sophomore in the brand-new dance B.F.A. program. Not only is he starring in the spring production of “Cat in the Hat,” he will also be featured in two Senior Dance Concert pieces, an ACDA piece and is also a member of the Demon Dazzlers. How doesContinue Reading

As another school year ends, students may take time to think about how their year went. Some of them will look back with fond memories; others, with regret. But what about the staff and faculty? Chris Maggio, president of Northwestern State, is going into his second year in office. ToContinue Reading

Audiences who view theater productions at Northwestern State University regularly get the chance to appreciate the arts in a performance setting. While each show differs, it’s clear a lot of time, resources and passion go toward what is presented on stage.Continue Reading

College Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pen-Hellenic Council, National Interfraternity Music Council – no matter the organization, all have one common aspect: philanthropy.Continue Reading

A senior psychology major at NSU, Htet Htet Rodgers entered foster care at age 13 and has since refused to be a statistic; she has used her experience in the system to make the lives of those still living in the foster care system better on a state and national level.Continue Reading