When I told the members of my club, the Cultural Exploration Organization, that we were going to raise enough money to help 300 underprivileged children in Nigeria in under two months, most of them laughed. They thought it would be impossible. A lot of them thought that the clubContinue Reading

The United States of America is currently undergoing an era of #MeToo—a movement of empowerment seeing previously silent victims of sexual assault expose their abusers. It would seem this reckoning has spread to religious institutions. In August, a grand jury in Pennsylvania found that some 300 priests molested over 1,000Continue Reading

The use of e-cigarettes, otherwise known as vaping, has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the past few years. Cigarettes are regulated heavily and are a major cause of death to chronic users. Consumers are eager to switch to what has been deemed a “healthier alternative.” E-cigarettes simulate theContinue Reading

By Leanna Coy Northwestern State University’s annual Myths and Legends Tour is hosted by First Year Experience and is designed to give students a “hair-raising” experience. The event also highlights parts of the school’s intriguing history. During the tour, students can expect to visit some of the university’s historical areasContinue Reading

An election for Speaker of the Senate took place on Monday. Sen. Nick Hopkins won by 16 votes in a runoff against Sen. Cameron Coleman. Triston Bussell was the previous speaker. No reason was given during the meeting for his departure. Hopkins says he is very excited about his newContinue Reading

   Northwestern State University will be moving three large rocks to the bird sanctuary near Watson Library. The rocks were introduced to campus by Robert Crew, the assistant to former president Randall Webb.    The rocks are currently located in three locations near the WRAC, Caspari Hall and Varnado Hall.Continue Reading

   Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry joins 15 other state Republican officials in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reject workplace protections that would prevent transgender people from being fired for their gender identity.    Landry recently signed onto a 20- page briefing, asking that the Supreme Court overturn aContinue Reading

 By Leanna Coy    If you’ve recently driven into Natchitoches, you may have noticed a new sign greeting you. Natchitoches is currently in the process of being rebranded. This means that we can expect to start seeing small changes all across town.    Most notably, the phrase “Where History Lives”Continue Reading

   Sophomore Jourdan Waddell was crowned the 61st Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet in A.A. Fredrick’s Auditorium Saturday. Waddell, a psychology major from Slidell, Louisiana, also took home the Swimsuit, Talent and People’s Choice Awards.    Waddell plans to use her personal platform for mental health awareness throughout theContinue Reading

By Trinity Velazquez    A new stage broke ground last week on Iberville Green, the field beside Iberville Dining Hall. It is scheduled for completion by homecoming week.    2016-2017 Student Government Association President Jon Pearce came up with the idea during his presidency. With funding coming from organizations like theContinue Reading