Northwestern State University has found a new football coach in Brad Laird, and he’s wasting no time whipping the team into shape. “We’re all feeling good coming off of spring ball and we’ve gotten a lot accomplished in all three phases,” Laird said, referring to offense, defense and special teams.Continue Reading

As another school year ends, students may take time to think about how their year went. Some of them will look back with fond memories; others, with regret. But what about the staff and faculty? Chris Maggio, president of Northwestern State, is going into his second year in office. ToContinue Reading

On May 11th, 2018, 906 graduates became part of Northwestern State University’s on-going group of distinguished alumni who are making advancements in their respective fields across the country. Graduation day was comprised of morning and afternoon services, with special aspects accompanying each ceremony. The morning program included the presentation ofContinue Reading

Natchitoches, Louisiana, is about to gain yet another cultural hotspot in the form of Cane River Brewing Co., slated to open in late fall. Justin Krouse and Cade Gentry, who are friends from their college days at Northwestern, co-own the company. The two of them have long wanted to goContinue Reading

Sophomore Northwestern State University student Jacob Ellis was sworn in on Monday, April 30th as president of the school’s Student Government Association. Ellis has been involved with SGA since his freshman year and has ambitious plans for the upcoming year. “My platform is the student experience,” Ellis told the CurrentContinue Reading

After unanimously passing in the Louisiana House of Representatives, House Bill 78 moved to the Senate floor. This bill defines hazing and aims to increase its penalties at colleges and universities in Louisiana.Continue Reading

The 108th volume of Potpourri, NSU’s official yearbook, will be available to students near the end of April. Each student can claim a copy of the book at no additional charge; the cost is included in student fees. Potpourri Editor-in-Chief Kierstin Richter says the new book doesn’t have a theme,Continue Reading

The Louisiana State Legislature began its regular session March 12. Aside from the Max Gruver Act and uncertainty of higher education and TOPS funding, three bills introduced to the floor in April could affect college students.Continue Reading

Spending the least on utilities in the University of Louisiana System is Northwestern State University. The school has seen a consistent decrease in utility spending since 2014 based on UL System and NSU data. NSU Physical Plant Director Dave Wohletz partly attributes this to widespread use of efficient LED lightbulbsContinue Reading