As the Executive Vice President of University and Business Affairs and 10 years of experience, Mr. Marcus Jones, J.D. has a lot of plates to balance. He taught business law before he became vice president. Because he came from the classroom, he always enjoyed working with students. One issue thatContinue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. Sports are what make our world go around. It is crazy because a good football game can really bring the best out of people. Unfortunately, a player standing up for what they believe in can also bring the worst out of people. It’s crazy how something asContinue Reading

By Jacob Bennett, Trinity Velazquez, Anson Ballow, Samantha Clark and Cassandra Phillips. Last week, we ran an op-ed from a student on campus that received mostly negative attention. The feedback came from hundreds of students who strongly disagreed with the piece, which asserted that Chick-fil-A’s opening on campus was aContinue Reading

By Elliot Davis. NSU’s decision to reach out to Chick-fil-A and invite them to bring a location on campus is by no means surprising, but it is disappointing. The restaurant’s history of supporting anti-LGBTQ+ organizations is well known. The controversy surrounding it is far from dead and buried. Though they’veContinue Reading

Year after year, millions of innocent lives are eradicated on the grounds of a woman’s right to privacy. This past weekend, I had the privilege of protesting this atrocity at the Baton Rouge March for Life. Surrounded by scores of baby lovers, we started at the state capitol and proceededContinue Reading

What are we doing here and where are we going after here? It’s almost like we just woke up one morning and boom, its welcome to the show. We go through our lives making as much money as we can, and we try our best not to let ourselves getContinue Reading

It might be just me, but I was really excited to come back to campus. The last 2 weeks of break were just my parents getting on my nerves and me miss-ing my apartment since I was staying in my parents’ guest room. Another thing I was tired of wasContinue Reading

By John Lee Hurt. Imagine a silent night. You’re asleep in your bed dreaming about your family, your next fishing trip, your upcoming weekend. You’re at peace. All of the sudden you spring awake to an alarm going off. It’s not 6:30 and you’re not at home. It’s 2:30 a.m.,Continue Reading

By Cassie Phillips. This article is in response to an article published in our Nov. 7 issue by Mary Keran, which itself was was in response to an article published in our Oct. 10 issue by Serena Bonnette. As someone who was raised in a Christian household and now considersContinue Reading

Dear Stan Lee, I knew there would be a day when I would be in the movie theater and after the end credits of a Marvel movie there would be a picture of you saying, “RIP Stan Lee” but I didn’t know how hard it could affect me. I grewContinue Reading