It’s crazy how the power of convincing can be. You can convince others that you are on your a-game when you feel like everything is falling apart, you can trick your brain into liking a certain food and the craziest thing you can do is convince yourself that you’re okay.Continue Reading

By Brianna Corley. Exposure has become a soured term to those in the art community as it has begun to replace something far more valuable: actually getting paid. In this current age of the social media phenomena, it is far from an uncommon occurrence for companies to reach out toContinue Reading

By Matthew Bailey. MyMathLab is a great program that allows teachers to over-assign work while simultaneously adding needless expenses to students. MML is tedious and overbearing, allowing teachers to simply set the assignments and forgot about it until it comes time to put in grades three days after the final.Continue Reading

By Mark Alexander. Are you happy? There are chances that you’ll say no. And that’s okay. Are you sad? There is a possibility you’ll say yes. Can’t hold that against you. But would you go as far as to say you’re depressed? Internet culture would also make this a possibilityContinue Reading

If you, too, are not a Natchitoches local, you’ve probably never heard of the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center. It’s located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and has recently opened the Legacy Café. The small café is located just inside the community center with it’s very modern and fresh-lookingContinue Reading

By Jasmine Frazier. Subconsciously, we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, what we define as beauty seems like something social media has molded into its own perception. Everyone wants to be attractive, and in our generation, it is a battle of who can be theContinue Reading

By Mattie Stewart.  Okay, let’s be vulnerable, people. I have been struggling. Not just “struggling with my school work” type of struggle, but the “Why am I having to go through all of this, God?” type of struggle. It has been problem after problem, mistake after mistake, worry after worryContinue Reading

By Zoé Richardson. Most everyone would like to think that their beliefs are formed from a well-rounded conscience and come from the heart. However, where we obtain the information that creates those beliefs is equally important. Contrary to popular belief, our views do not always have to lean “right” orContinue Reading

By Cassie Phillips. For me, it was the perfect morning. I opened my eyes slowly and found myself tangled in your arms. The cold air stung my fingertips. You were growing the strength to turn around and hit the snooze button on your phone, releasing me from your warm embrace.Continue Reading

By John Lee Hurt. I tuned in to our president’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. It was an inspirational message that had facts, touching moments, and moments that made you scratch your head. I wouldn’t expect less from President Trump. Since the address, Facebook was filled with commentsContinue Reading