Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Music has the unique ability to give off a sense of timeliness while still amplifying and representing the time of its release. Inspired by those golden oldies that paved the way for today’s music, these picks of the week are a look back atContinue Reading

  Maybe you were blindsided. Maybe you knew there were problems but thought you could work through them. Maybe you saw the red flags and ignored them. But it happened. You guys broke up, and now all you can do is listen to your sad music playlist and cry. IContinue Reading

Leanna Coy News Editor My opinion on energy drinks is somewhat a “do as I say, not as I do,” kind of situation. I know energy drinks can be bad for you if you drink too many, but I drink them anyway. I don’t personally have a problem with theContinue Reading

Luka Fagundes NSU student Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the mechanic after driving in Natchitoches. This town is known for many things. We are the home of Steel Magnolias, Natchitoches meat pies, the Christmas festival to end all Christmas celebrations and most importantly, roads thatContinue Reading

Thomas CellesViewpoints Editor Dear Congress, Food and Drug Administration, and President Donald Trump: For several years, I have been the proud owner of a Juul. A former cigarette aficionado during my freshman year, at first I never got into the vaping scene for a variety of reasons. One reason wasContinue Reading

Party GirlContributing Writer 6:05 p.m. Hey y’all, it’s your favorite Party Girl back at it again! But this time I’m not just going to any old party. Party Girl’s got her a mans and we are gonna get lit tonight. Love is in the air, the night is young andContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Viewpoints Editor In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a statement claiming that we had approximately 12 years to fundamentally alter human society in order to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius. A year and a half later, no progress has been madeContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Copy Editor Walking out of Starbucks about a week ago, I passed three black women. I made eye contact with one and smiled but she didn’t acknowledge my existence. I thought to myself, “OK, rude much? I’m glad I don’t have that kind of black girl attitude.” Woah.Continue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Whether the biggest novel sensation of the year is being adapted for a screenplay or a new X-Men movie is set to premiere, critics await with snobbish distaste and fans prepare to be scorned. Some people aren’t too fond of adaptations. Yet adaptation hasContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Viewpoints Editor Right after my 12th birthday in 2009, I convinced my grandma to drive me to GameStop and let me get a game for my new Xbox 360. She agreed on the condition that she approve the game that I got. When we got there, I madeContinue Reading