A couple weeks ago, The Current Sauce published a news article covering the closing of a historic club here in Natchitoches that college students have hung out at for decades, the Student Body. The facts were straight, the grammar was up to par–so why was the article met with such hostility?Continue Reading

The travel ban was stalled by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, but President Trump plans to issue a revised version that will target the same majority-Muslim countries with a likely focus on fewer people so it will survive legal challenges.Continue Reading

Rewind with me, if you will, to a certain day in 2011. I’m sitting in my eighth grade social studies class, “listening” to my teacher go on her usual rant-of-the-day. Sometimes she’d go on about her personal life, political views, etc. It was almost never about the curriculum. On thisContinue Reading