Serena Bonnette   Opinions Columnist   “Slave Play” is a dark comedy play written by Jeremy O. Harris that premiered at the New York Theatre Workshop in December 2018. It is the recipient of the Rosa Parks Playwriting award and was nominated for a best play Tony.   “Slave Play” eventually made its way to Broadway, opening at the John Golden Theatre and running from October 2019 to January 2020 for a short but impactful run. The New York Theatre Workshop says the themes center around race, interracial relationships, generational trauma, sex and power relations. The blunt, forceful, in your face production quite literally took the theater world, history and Broadway by storm.   The play features three interracial couples attending role play therapy for couples on a former plantation. The set was decoratedContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez  Editor in Chief  For Black History Month, I asked everyone on the Current Sauce staff to write about a Black person they admire. I was originally going to honor Ruby Bridges, but I wanted this series to be very personal.  I started thinking about the Black heroes I have when I got a phoneContinue Reading

 “Not Broken But Simply Unfinished”  Krista Hanson  Viewpoints Editor  In “How a 22-year-old L.A. native became Biden’s inauguration poet,” Amanda Gorman told Los Angeles Times’ Julia Barajas about her time writing the poem that she later recited for the president. Gorman wrote her poem in a “pandemic-induced solitude” where she created her own historical soundtrack withContinue Reading

Christian BellReporter Current Sauce reporter Christian Bell sat down with Northwestern State University President Dr. Chris Maggio to discuss how Maggio kept the university afloat during the shutdown last spring. In his interview, Christian asked about the past fall and how Maggio himself has endured the ongoing pandemic. “First andContinue Reading

Serena Bonnette   Opinions Columnist    On Jan. 6 supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify the electoral votes of the 2020 presidential election. According to Wikipedia, this was the most violent attack on the Capitol since the burning of Washington during the War of 1812.  Far right supporters started protesting peacefully outside of the Capitol building but eventually began to storm the steps. The extremists ofContinue Reading

Krista Hanson  Viewpoints Editor  As an English major at Northwestern State University, my dream is to one day work in a publishing company with authors getting books ready to be sold. Because of their fast shipping and low prices, Amazon has become one of the most prominent companies for consumers to shop for books. However, buying books on AmazonContinue Reading

 Lora Luquet Arts and Living Editor  Two days before I left for the Thanksgiving holiday, I received a text from my dad saying that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He had no symptoms and was hopeful for a quick recovery.  He was even cracking jokes.  “Isn’t it ironic thatContinue Reading

   Trinity Ford Reporter This semester has been a little rough for me, as I am sure it has been for a lot of you. I used to doubt myself, I had extremely low self-esteem and I lacked self-confidence. That got me nowhere.  I burned some bridges that were toxic.Continue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Editor in Chief My boyfriend, Cody, is white. There is no way to ease into that, so I won’t try. He’s a six foot something white guy who loves anything related to basketball, eating hibachi and politics.   I don’t know why it seems awkward for me to say,Continue Reading

Trinity Velazquez  Current Sauce Editor in Chief Haleigh Gates  Potpourri Yearbook Editor in Chief Student media works way too hard on the newspaper, the yearbook, and the radio station only to be as overlooked as we are. We spend hours in the newsroom designing and editing and all our hard workContinue Reading