Editorial Board  Students deserve to know what changes with their fees since we have invested so much money in NSU. Not telling students about the fee increase was a mistake. That may sound blunt, but it is the truth. A student body shouldn’t be informed about a fee increase throughContinue Reading

Samantha Clark Editor-in-Chief Hard-working. Driven. Passionate. From what I’ve heard, I can’t think of better words to describe Carley McCord. The death of Carley McCord on Dec. 28 garnered a lot of media attention. She was a sideline reporter for Cox Sports and ESPN, game host for the New Orleans SaintsContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor The holidays are said to be the most wonderful time of year, but that is a lie. They are the most stressful time of year. The holidays bring families together but also tear them apart. Family members you barely recognize come to town for a day,Continue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Clad in a leather catsuit and a switch-blade smile of red lipstick, our heroine slides in effortlessly in her stiletto heels. She sighs with a flick of her perfect curls and rolls her eyes as she professes with such coolness, “Boys.” She’s sexy, sheContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor It has been a rough 2019, my fellow Demons, but we got through it. Whatever happened, we got through it as a family. When we lost students last school year, we mourned together. When we welcomed new students, we all opened our arms. When we voicedContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor This year I lost myself. I stayed in a toxic friendship because I was afraid that I would be alone. I went out of my way for a guy in hopes that he would like me back. I went back and forth between my parents tryingContinue Reading

Maina Ibn Mohammed Business Manager “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” Aesop, Greek fabulist and storyteller, said. Never in a million years would I imagine myself graduating from an American institution. I was born and raised in Nigeria. When I learned that my uncle wasContinue Reading

Editorial Board The first amendment not only gives us the right to free speech but gives us the right to not salute for the flag, to protest war and in some cases, it gives us the right not to speak. We all have choices. We do not have to supportContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor I first wanted to do this piece because I had only read about one side of the media phenomenon known as “cancel culture.: But just like all things, cancel culture is not just one thing. It has two sides, just like a coin. The cancel cultureContinue Reading

Samantha Clark Unpopular opinion, women can also be trash. It’s a hard pill to swallow when the “men are trash” ideology is pushed heavily in the mainstream media. Whenever I scroll on Twitter, I’m guaranteed to see at least one tweet saying how men are trash. There are even accountsContinue Reading