Trinity Ford  Reporter  My first semester of college hasn’t been what I expected but nothing about this year has been. I never thought that COVID-19 would have such an impact on how we go to school. Ever since I was young, I imagined college being full of adventures, parties and get-togethers. I knew it was coming,Continue Reading

Madelyn Dupont  PR Manager  Senior year is stressful with classes, extracurricular activities, homework and preparing for graduation. These are all paired with a progressive realization that I will have to get a job and start the next chapter of my life.   Fall 2020 is no exception. Leaves are not the only thing falling this semester.Continue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor  While some universities have opted to switch to online learning completely for the time being,  Northwestern State University has embraced a blended approach to courses. But when it comes to events I am not sure where NSU stands. My belief is that extracurriculars should either utilize theContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Editor in Chief I’m the first black female EIC of this paper, and I feel that history has its eyes on me. The Current Sauce having a black editor in chief could not have come at a better time than right now.   With the Black Lives Matter movement in theContinue Reading

Tabatha Bowlin  Contributing Writer In the calm before each natural disaster, does everyone make responsible choices to prepare? Such as finding those flashlights, candles, and batteries. Do they call their insurance provider and make sure that everything is going to be covered if something does happen? Do they prepare an ice chest for perishablesContinue Reading

Tabatha Bowlin Viewpoints Editor The year 2020 has changed what many people took for granted. One of these factors is engaging physically or less than six feet apart from others, especially with your sorority sisters. Many of our very own sororities at Northwestern State University truly feel the disappointment of coronavirus restrictions. Let’s focus a little closer on my sorority, Tri Sigma.   Although Tri SigmaContinue Reading

I have debated over posting my opinion on this issue because as a student media leader my job is to remain unbiased, so my organization sends the message that it serves all students. Regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or social standing, I have promised to do my very bestContinue Reading

Brianna Fife  Photo Editor  We’re in a dark time. Only essential workers are out, and students and many others are at home until further notice.  There’s a pandemic happening out there, and we’re not allowed to hang out in groups. If we see other people, we have to stay sixContinue Reading

Lora Leigh Luquet Reporter My mother has worked in one of the most male-dominated fieldsfor 34 years: sports journalism. For most of my childhood, she spent the majority of her time at sporting events, crammed in a press box writing diligent notes and interviewing athletes.  Despite all of her hard work and accolades she’sContinue Reading

Sadie LeComte Digital Editor I can hear my heart beating, thumping rapidly against my chest as I sit awkwardly across from this person I’ve known for less than a day. My stomach churns and I begin to feel queasy. “I don’t think I can go through with this,” I sayContinue Reading