Editorial Board If campus safety is a priority, then why are students on edge? There have been a series of robberies and incidents happening on campus that students have not been informed about. That is not okay. Students need to know what is happening on campus, especially if dangerous eventsContinue Reading

Mekayla Jenkins Photo Editor Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor   My features are not to be mortified for the entertainment and enjoyment of “getting a costume spot on.” It’s about that time of year again. It is truly unfortunate that this issue is a reoccurring problem and will continue to beContinue Reading

Halloween is my mother’s favorite holiday. She loves buying decorations for her hotel lobby, and walking into our house looks like Halloween threw up everywhere. One of my mom’s favorite costumes that she has ever worn was when she dressed up as Pocahontas in 2011 for a Halloween party. DidContinue Reading

Pro Brianna Fife Visual Editor   I believe ghosts are real. I have had numerous experiences with the supernatural and being a religious woman, I believe they are around us. There are so many things on this earth that we haven’t discovered. Who are we to say that ghosts don’tContinue Reading

LiZhang Matuschka Catholic Student Organization President NSU Student   I love how in the Catholic faith we are all a big family. We have the saints that pray for us, and they are great examples of what holiness looks like. God has angels that watch over us and protect usContinue Reading

I am a Muslim. Every day before the sunrise I get up, hit the snooze button and wash my face three times. Then, I wash my hands, my head and my feet. This is called the Wudu. Wudu is the ritual performed before a prayer session. I must be cleanContinue Reading

Patricia Reed Baptist Collegiate Ministry President NSU Student   Religion. When I used to hear or see this word, I thought the wrath of God, you do good deeds and you go to heaven and if you do bad deeds then you go to hell. This was my viewpoint onContinue Reading

Everyone deserves respect regardless of their beliefs Religion, just like art, is a form of expression. Religion plays a core role in who we are growing up and who we will become in the future. College students need religion, or they at least need something to believe in. The EditorialContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter Trinity Velazquez Viewpoints Editor In modern society, it is almost common for a man to have a double personality. He interacts with his fellow men one way then completely changes his persona when speaking to women. A prime example of this is the phenomenon of slut-shaming. AContinue Reading

Living on campus offers more of a support system through RAs, fun events and a sense of community. There is greater access to campus, and there is no need for a car. It is safer compared to other living options off-campus, and the rent is paid once per semester insteadContinue Reading