To The Editor:   With all due respect to my fellow Americans, most of us simply don’t know that a “liberal/progressive” is not the same thing as a “socialist.” A true “socialist” is someone who wants all of the businesses and workplaces to be owned and controlled by “the state”Continue Reading

Since the 2016 election, America has been in a tug of war over which news outlets to trust and which are “fake news.” America’s trust in the media is at 41%, and it is not hard to see why. We are constantly bombarded by ads, news blips and posts sharedContinue Reading

CON: Elaine Eaton Instructor, Theodore Harris Endowed Professor of Rhetoric & Debate Department of New Media, Journalism, and Communication Arts   While I know it’s impossible to keep cell phones out of the classroom, I do my best to encourage students to “button up or zip up” their phones soContinue Reading

Professors and unprofessionalism seem like two words that should never be in the same sentence. The unprofessionalism seen in some faculty and staff at this university has The Editorial Board raising our eyebrows and scratching our heads. We are all in the beginning of the hardest part of the semester.Continue Reading

I am not a man. I am 4’11 and maybe around 115 pounds. I know someone like me writing an opinion on a topic like this is not ordeal. I will admit that I have no idea what it means to be a man in today’s society. After all, IContinue Reading

It is my expectation that President Trump is going to do all of us a big favor and decide sometime in early-to-mid 2020 not to run for re-election largely because of a slow-down in our economy.  When that happens, I hope that the Republicans will nominate someone of good characterContinue Reading

Editorial Board of The Current Sauce   Parking on this campus is nothing short of stressful. If there is anything NSU should do to enhance the student experience, it should create more parking lots. The initial problem is not that there is not enough parking. The problem is that thereContinue Reading

Thomas Celles Reporter   NSU property, similar to other state facilities, is a tobacco-free zone. The policy, as it is today, went into effect on April 1, 2014. The ban currently encompasses all kinds of smoke producing products as well as one odd inclusion: e-cigarettes and vapes. Cigarettes, pipes andContinue Reading

The Student Law Press Center has named 2019 “the Year of the Student Journalist.” Student media is essential to college campuses, but it is not treated as such. Most university newspapers are student-run, which gives many students an opportunity to put their foot in the real world while still havingContinue Reading

Tyler Brey Press Secretary for the state of Louisiana   Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is reminding Louisianians that the deadlines to register to vote in the Oct. 12 Gubernatorial Primary Election are fast approaching. The in person or by mail deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 11, and the online deadlineContinue Reading