Keator Poleman Digital Editor Amid growing concerns over the coronavirus’ spread and in partnership with local, state and federal health departments, NSU Health Services released a detailed notice informing the Northwestern State University community about the deadly virus. The coronavirus, responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 individuals, is continuingContinue Reading

Leanna Coy News Editor Two science classes at Northwestern State University are participating in research projects that show water from the unfiltered water fountains on campus has higher lead and copper levels than filtered fountains. Dr. Chad Thibodeaux, professor in NSU’s school of biological and physical sciences, said the projectContinue Reading

Keator Poleman Digital Editor Ahead of the April 4 elections, Natchitoches mayoral candidate Ronnie Williams Jr., Democrat, visited the Student Government Association Monday to answer questions from the Senate. He asked the senators what they think a new mayor should do to make Natchitoches more “enticing.” Many of the senatorsContinue Reading

Keator Poleman Digital editor The University of Louisiana System’s Board of Supervisors approved the adoption of a flat rate tuition for the Compete LA program when they met Friday at Northwestern State University. Compete LA is designed to help the 653,000 Louisiana students who have some college credits but noContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Spring is on the horizon and to me that means pastels, florals and a lots of candy. I’ve been trying to venture into dressing in colors that aren’t muted tans, whites or blacks because I have been on a classic kick for a long time. DressingContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor As a hub for aspiring artists of every variety, the School of Creative and Performing Arts cultivates a unique atmosphere throughout its connecting buildings. CAPA’s dynamic beams with electricity. Music notes soar throughout the building as musicians often practice in crooks of every cornerContinue Reading

Keator Poleman  Digital Editor  You know their faces. You see their pain.   But every year, countless are left homeless and ignored.   Their cries for help fall on deaf ears as they helplessly brave the elements.  King cake babies are among the most abused food decorations in the country, second only toContinue Reading

Finnley Plaster Circulation Manager Since early January, the coronavirus has been making headlines worldwide. It seems to be the news story that doesn’t stop giving, whether it’s what country or state has the latest reported case or how much money companies are losing because of it. I think that asContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Music has the unique ability to give off a sense of timeliness while still amplifying and representing the time of its release. Inspired by those golden oldies that paved the way for today’s music, these picks of the week are a look back atContinue Reading

  Maybe you were blindsided. Maybe you knew there were problems but thought you could work through them. Maybe you saw the red flags and ignored them. But it happened. You guys broke up, and now all you can do is listen to your sad music playlist and cry. IContinue Reading