Staff Reports Northwestern State University has suspended all international travel for both faculty and students according to a statement from NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio on Tuesday. It’s one of the precautions NSU is taking to protect the university community from the coronavirus. “The health and wellbeing of our students,Continue Reading

Madelyn Dupont Marketing Director Some Northwestern State University students with accents in their names have had their names spelled wrong in their email addresses, student IDs, diplomas and other documents sent by the university. When the accent mark is not included in the spelling, it is technically misspelled.   The processContinue Reading

Sadie LeComte Digital Editor The Student Government Association asks all members of the Northwestern State University community to remember the life of James Evans, an NSU student who died on Feb. 25 due to medical complications with epilepsy, by wearing purple on March 26 for International Purple Day, an internationalContinue Reading

Lora Leigh Luquet Reporter A play with a simple set up and a cast of four, “Doubt: A Parable” has a major underlying message that speaks for itself: Is it safer to be ignorant or to pursue your gut feeling and dig up the truth, no matter how ugly? SetContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Let’s check out what’s happening to the fashion world of Natchitoches! Natchitoches is no stranger to boutiques, with those little shops etched into our streets becoming overlooked, but Lou Lou’s Boutique is here to stand out. Lou Lou’s Boutique opened on March 2 at 242 KeyserContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor The recent surge in registration fees at NSU has brought forward a resurgence in understanding the cost of higher education, especially in Louisiana. With constant dread surrounding funding for TOPS and beyond, higher education is a balancing act with an ever-echoing question which touchesContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist Y’all, I can’t tell you how excited I was for actual spring weather. My heart was soaring like a little hummingbird off to find nectar until everything came crashing down with the thunder and lightning. I’m still feeling the spring time vibes, so I will notContinue Reading

Coronavirus is overhyped in the media Lauren Briscoe NSU Student In today’s society, the power of the media is undeniable. Many take what is found in the media to be true, despite very little research. One of the newest issues taking the media by storm is the coronavirus. Since theContinue Reading

Sadie LeComte Digital Editor I can hear my heart beating, thumping rapidly against my chest as I sit awkwardly across from this person I’ve known for less than a day. My stomach churns and I begin to feel queasy. “I don’t think I can go through with this,” I sayContinue Reading

Brianna Fife Photo Editor In fall 2017 I was dedicated to one goal: mine. I registered to attend Northwestern State University in fall 2018. I graduated from high school, and I was so excited to begin a new journey at NSU  and get my degree in graphic design. I haveContinue Reading