Kendall Caple    Reporter    Northwestern State University professor emeritus in the Department of Fine and Graphic Arts Dr. Bill Bryant died at age 84 on Jan. 18.  Bryant’s teaching career at NSU began in 1976, lasting almost 30 years before his retirement in 2004, according to his obituary on Blanchard St. Denis FuneralContinue Reading

Holi’ Conway’s story  Lora Luquet   Arts and Living Editor   Holli’ Conway was completely new to theater when she first started acting at Northwestern State University. Like every other experience in her life, she tackled her newfound love for acting and dancing with a strong work ethic.  “I think I put a lot of weightContinue Reading

Mary Fletcher  Reporter  As a driving force for Northwestern State University since 1989, it’s not surprising that the Creative and Performing Arts department has pushed forward in spite of the current circumstances. The students and faculty have continued to find new ways to perform and exhibit work.   For some productions, the process of streaming productions was second nature but forContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez  Editor in Chief  For Black History Month, I asked everyone on the Current Sauce staff to write about a Black person they admire. I was originally going to honor Ruby Bridges, but I wanted this series to be very personal.  I started thinking about the Black heroes I have when I got a phoneContinue Reading

 “Not Broken But Simply Unfinished”  Krista Hanson  Viewpoints Editor  In “How a 22-year-old L.A. native became Biden’s inauguration poet,” Amanda Gorman told Los Angeles Times’ Julia Barajas about her time writing the poem that she later recited for the president. Gorman wrote her poem in a “pandemic-induced solitude” where she created her own historical soundtrack withContinue Reading

Christian BellReporter Current Sauce reporter Christian Bell sat down with Northwestern State University President Dr. Chris Maggio to discuss how Maggio kept the university afloat during the shutdown last spring. In his interview, Christian asked about the past fall and how Maggio himself has endured the ongoing pandemic. “First andContinue Reading

Iberville Green’s stage to be named for NSU’s first seven Black attendees Trinity Ford  Reporter  The stage on Iberville Green will be named The Seven Oaks Stage, after the first seven Black students who integrated Northwestern State University 56 years ago. The seven Black students are Steve Jackson, June Cofield,Continue Reading

Tyrenisha James  Sports Reporter   Northwestern State University’s baseball, football and softball teams are resuming after being postponed last fall. The men’s and women’s basketball teams, which both began playing last November, are continuing their seasons this semester. The Demons are not only ready to get back into action, they are ready to get back into action safely.  According to Mike McConathy, the men’s basketball coach, COVID-19 has changed him as a coach in every imaginable way.   “From players being missed,Continue Reading

Mary Gaffney  Fashion Columnist   Demons, with 2020 behind us I am ready to start the new year with a bang and keep the high energy going. Whether you are in quarantine or are only going out for a trip to Walmart, now is the time to go to your closet and bring out your best self every day.  My plan isContinue Reading

Serena Bonnette   Opinions Columnist    On Jan. 6 supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify the electoral votes of the 2020 presidential election. According to Wikipedia, this was the most violent attack on the Capitol since the burning of Washington during the War of 1812.  Far right supporters started protesting peacefully outside of the Capitol building but eventually began to storm the steps. The extremists ofContinue Reading