Brianna Fife  Photo Editor  We’re in a dark time. Only essential workers are out, and students and many others are at home until further notice.  There’s a pandemic happening out there, and we’re not allowed to hang out in groups. If we see other people, we have to stay sixContinue Reading

Lora Leigh Luquet  Reporter  As the number of COVID-19 cases in Louisiana rapidly increases, students have been urged to practice social distancing for the rest of the semester.   Athletic seasons have been cut short, music performance majors have been adjusting to lessons via video-chat apps like Cisco WebEx and Zoom Video Communications and theatre students have hadContinue Reading

Brianna Corley  Arts and Living Editor   Northwestern State University released a statement which announced all in-person classes would be online until further notice on March 14.   The abrupt change of this structure during a time of crisis has been felt by all members of the NSU community.  While the disruption of normalcyContinue Reading

Submitted reports Northwestern State University released an updated grading policy Tuesday affecting withdrawing from a course, requesting an incomplete and adding a pass/fail option for courses. If a student was passing at midterms but cannot successfully complete a course due to inadequate services related to technology due to COVID-19, aContinue Reading

Brianna Corley  Arts and Living Editor  When Dr. Alexei Muravitsky, professor of mathematics at theLouisiana Scholar’s College, first immigrated to America, he walked into a university’s library to see something that reaffirmed he was no longer in the Soviet Union – books upon books lined the shelves, all accessible to read. “I thought, ‘that’s a sign of freedom,’” Muravitsky said. Emigrated from Russia in 1992, Muravitsky was usedContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney Fashion Columnist With the coronavirus plaguing the world, it is time to start getting lazy with fashion, but not in the way you think. What better way is there to do that than with the classic rolled out of bed look?  I love looking effortless in my rolled outContinue Reading

Lora Leigh Luquet Reporter My mother has worked in one of the most male-dominated fieldsfor 34 years: sports journalism. For most of my childhood, she spent the majority of her time at sporting events, crammed in a press box writing diligent notes and interviewing athletes.  Despite all of her hard work and accolades she’sContinue Reading

Brianna Corley Arts and Living Editor Coming-of-age is a concept that has filled countless novels and artwork. What films have best shown the many sides and stories of growing into yourself? In this week’s picks, we will be exploring the some of the most impactful coming-of-age movies. “Lady Bird” – 2017 Following its titularContinue Reading

Sadie LeComte Digital Editor COVID-19 brought the athletic community to its knees.  The Southland Conference is one of many groups that have cancelled its spring games due to the growing pandemic.  While many student athletes can look forward to playing next year, the graduating seniors may not be as fortunate. Continue Reading

Sadie LeComte  Digital Editor  In a university-wide email, President Dr. Chris Maggio said all Northwestern State University classes will remain online for the rest of the semester.  Maggio said the spring commencement ceremonies scheduled for May 8 are canceled. Plans are being considered to give graduates the option of eitherContinue Reading